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Deafverse is an amazing tool to use in the classroom, and is designed to keep teens engaged and having fun. For instance, students can use their Backpack to track and compare progress, and look for new achievements to unlock.

How Does the Backpack Work?

The Backpack engages your students while giving you more to use in the classroom. 

Here’s how it works: There are items throughout the game that students collect at key moments. When your students make choices and successfully navigate through a difficult situation, a notification will pop up at the top of the screen to let your students know that they’ve unlocked a Badge, which is  added to the Backpack. 

[GIF Description: The DEAFVERSE logo, the text with a portal around it, is displayed at the top. A mouse is hovering over “BACKPACK” and there’s a numbered icon next to it with “11” in it. The GIF changes to display the Backpack’s menu layout.]

Unlock Bonus Features With Badges

Badges are linked with character photos, comic pages, videos, and artwork that are all stored in the Backpack. Badge videos feature members of the deaf community sharing their perspectives on various challenges they face everyday and how they approach these challenges. Encourage your students to collect all 10 Badges to make the most of the game.

Students receive emails that can confirm their badge achievements before you move to the next discussion or chapter. Plus, these emails will come with more resources from the National Deaf Center to help them strengthen their identities as a deaf person and their self-advocacy skills. These resources expand on the material in Deafverse and are great discussion-starters.

Use the Backpack with the Teacher Strategy Guide

You can use the Backpack with the Teacher Strategy Guide to design a lesson plan using Deafverse, and stay on point through it. 

Badges are designed to go hand-in-hand with the guide to facilitate discussion. For example, Chapter Two in the guide pairs with a Badge about communicating with strangers. The discussion can help students advocate for their needs and communicate with someone who may be unfamiliar with deaf people and deaf culture. Then, you can use suggested activities in the guide to encourage your students to explore advocacy further. 

Make the Most of Deafverse

With the Backpack, everyone gets more from Deafverse! 

Your students get extras in the videos, artwork, and collecting Badges can motivate them to play more. You get more material that you can use to supercharge your classroom! 

Remember the 10 Badges in the game? Encourage your students to collect the final Badge! They can only unlock this by making all of the right choices. Not many people have done this — but we know your students are up for the challenge. 

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