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Under Construction


Happy holidays! Catbot and the team are hard at work building an exciting new experience for you in 2023! Read on to learn more about the upcoming changes.

New Features

  • Teachers can sign up with a new account type that can create and manage classroom rosters. Plus, teachers can track their students’ progress in the game, making it easier for everyone to experience Deafverse in the classroom!
  • Smoother sign up and login experience. Issues with account activations and verifications have been fixed. Providing an email address is now not required to experience Deafverse.
  • Play without an account. If you’re just curious about the game and prefer not to sign up for an account, that’s fine! You can now play Deafverse without saving your progress.
  • Improved audio experience. Audio has been fixed for World Two, and overall the experience is improved for players who benefit from the voiceovers.
  • Enhanced user interface. The UI/UX has been improved for an attractive gaming experience.
  • Faster navigation. The game is now more responsive to your navigation between menus and screens.

Additional Resources​

For families:​

Family Support for Deaf Teens shares tips for strengthening self-determination at home among deaf teens, while Kansas University’s 10 Steps to Independence: Promoting Self-Determination in the Home has tips that apply to all teens.

For teachers:

Use the self-determined learning model of instruction (SDLMI) to improve teaching practice and strengthen students’ self-determined actions.

For vocational rehabilitation counselors:

This Pre-ETS guide addresses instruction in self-advocacy and suggests additional resources about self-determination.
Using the Choose Your Future! Activity Kit, students can work with their families, teachers, or vocational rehabilitation counselors to decide on goals that align with who they truly are. The activity kit teaches deaf youth how to decide, act, and believe. These learning objectives are specially designed to align with the Workplace Readiness category of Pre-employment Transition Services (pre-ETS).
Do you have any questions or concerns? Please reach out to the Deafverse team at

Watch Out for a Release Date
Coming Soon!