Nope, unless you want to save your game progress! Also, you can manage Classrooms with a Teacher Account.

A teacher account comes ready with features for you to manage your Classrooms. You can add and remove students from your classroom, and reset their passwords if needed. Sign up for your Teacher Account here!

You will receive a confirmation email that contains your username once you’ve signed up for Deafverse. If you can’t find it in your inbox, check your spam folder. However, if you’re a student and your teacher has made an account for you, ask them for your login information.

If you’ve signed up with your school email address, it’s possible that the confirmation email was blocked. In that case, contact your IT department. Otherwise, reach out to us for support.

That’s okay! Try again with your preferred email address. You will only receive emails about account registration and password resets unless you’ve opted in for marketing emails while creating your account.

Go here, click on “Send reset password link”, and enter the details you want.

Check your email for an email from us: “deafverse@nationaldeafcenter.org” with the subject line: “Confirm your Deafverse Account”. That email will have instructions on how to activate your Deafverse account and start playing!

We follow University of Texas’s web privacy policy. Read up on it here. Beyond that, we have IRB permission to collect the following for research and evaluation purposes:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • IP Address
  • Device and Browser Information
  • Gameplay History
All data will be shared anonymously in aggregate and will only be used for research and evaluation purposes. We do not use tracking software such as Google Analytics. The software we use to handle transactional and marketing emails are Postmark and Mailchimp.
Unfortunately, Deafverse needs Postmark to run properly. However, you can opt out of the marketing emails by unsubscribing from them with the link embedded at the bottom.


Think of them as “groups” that you can create on your own in Deafverse. You can create accounts for your students and add these accounts to your classrooms. That way, your students don’t have to deal with activation emails, school email filtering, etc.

Check out Deafverse Classroom here with your Teacher Account, and start exploring!

Go to the classroom you want.

Type the student’s name in the Student name field in the top right corner.

Click Create and this will generate an account with its own username and password.

Share the account’s login details with the student by clicking on the password and emailing them, or write the details down on a note and give it to them.


There are two ways they can do that.

  • You can add your students by creating accounts for them in Deafverse Classroom.
  • Share the Class Code with your students by emailing it to them or writing the complete URL down somewhere. The URL format is: https://play.deafverse.com/join/[insert Class Code here].


Once you make a student account, click the password to email the login details to the student you want. Alternatively, you can write down the username and password on a note for them.

Yes! Just go to the classroom that they’re in and click “Reset” next to their account.


Yes, you can play Deafverse on your phone! The game is a Web app and doesn’t need to be installed on your phone to work.

Chrome provides the best experience for Deafverse.

It’s possible that the browser you are using is incompatible with Deafverse. Email us and we will investigate and resolve this issue. Reporting incompatibilities to us will improve the game for everyone else!

Yes! You will have the option to resume where you left off, or start a new playthrough with an account. If you do not have an account, you will have to start over all again every time.

World One: Duel of the Bots is the original World and was released in September 2019. It emphasizes self-determination and self-advocacy. 

World Two: Revenge of the Deep is the new World and was released in October 2021. Work readiness is its theme. 

You can play these Worlds in any order if you want to learn certain skills. However, World One is short enough that you can get right to World Two quickly!

The first screen, after you log into the game, is the World Select screen, where you can do just that. You can also change Worlds in the middle of your playthrough by clicking on the World’s logo in the top left corner to go back to the World Select screen.

You will get an email that celebrates your achievements! You can forward the email to a friend, parent, or teacher. Check out our Facebook and Instagram. Check out our resources, subscribe to Deafverse updates, and share game GIFs! And if you’ve done all of that already… have you played all of the Worlds or collected all Badges yet?

Settings and Accessibility

Click your profile’s icon on the top right corner to access the options menu. Adjust the settings according to your preferences.

The game delivers information in:

  • American Sign Language videos that can be replayed, paused, and adjusted to speed up or slow down,
  • English text transcripts that can be resized to your preference,
  • and English audio voice-overs that can be toggled to automatically play or not.

The Accessibility Guides for the game and both Worlds can be found here and can be filtered with “Game Support”.

Gameplay is compatible with most screen readers. However, if Deafverse does not play nicely with your screen reader or is missing your accessibility preferences, contact us here.

English and American Sign Language are different from each other in structure and syntax. The story is described by Justin Perez using Visual Vernacular, a theatrical and expressive form of American Sign Language and thus certain descriptions will be brief but illustrative, whereas the English version will take longer to describe the story at times.

Read more about Justin Perez and his background here! He is also on Facebook and Instagram.

You are now able to select multiple Worlds. The Backpack Menu was changed to be easier to use, to have more visual contrast, and to hold multiple inventories for both Worlds.


The Player and Teacher Strategy Guides both support and expand on both Worlds. They can be found here.

The Player Strategy Guides are designed specifically to reinforce students’ self-determination journeys with activities and prompts. 

The Teacher Strategy Guides are meant to be guidance for teachers on how to use Deafverse in the classroom. They come with suggested curriculums, activities, lesson plans, and information about the game that can help you become more familiar with the game and the Worlds.

The CYF Activity Kit is intended as an expansion to World One with more activities to encourage the development of self-determination skills. It’s an excellent group activity to use in the classroom or for families to enjoy together. The information that the deaf youth comes up with the Activity Kit can be used to inform various processes, such as vocational rehabilitation, individualized education plans, and school counseling. 

The Coloring Pages are intended as a low-stress activity for deaf youth to use to pass the time.


Try reloading your web browser first. If the problem continues, email us with a description of your issue. Your feedback will help us improve the game for everyone!

Send us an email! We’re happy to answer your questions and receive your feedback.

Watch our full FAQs Playlist on YouTube!

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