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Move-style poster with Deafverse logo at the top. Below, illustrated versions of Deafverse's cast and Catbot read a book, while a large Evil Catbot looms in the background.

Deafverse is a choose-your-own-adventure online game created just for deaf teenagers, where they can learn important skills for success in high school and beyond. Players get to make their own choices, stand up for themselves, and build confidence and skills they can use in real life.


Team up with a robot sidekick, advocate for yourself, and save the day!

Justin signing; there is a cartoon background.
Justin signing; there is a cartoon background.
Justin signing; there is a cartoon background.

Duel of the Bots begins with the player having just escaped from retrieving a magical, sacred comic book called the Deafverse. They meet game narrator Justin, get a sidekick named Catbot, and are tasked with making decisions both playful — like stopping a rogue ‘bot from wreaking havoc — and ones that deaf teenagers face in reality, like what to do when an ASL interpreter in a classroom isn’t helpful, a movie theater doesn’t have captioning, or when people leave you out of conversations. Review the learning objectives of World 1 to see what else will be learned in the game!


The Deafverse team is hard at work building World Two, which will focus on workplace readiness. Review the learning objectives here. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our email newsletter for updates!

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Image of Deafverse logo on computer monitor, laptops, tablets and phone with two Catbots fighting in the background.

Get Started with Deafverse

Deafverse can be played at home, school, vocational rehabilitation settings, and beyond. Families, teachers, and other professionals can use the Teacher Strategy Guides to support game play, with bonus discussion questions and activities. Learn more today about how Deafverse can be used in your setting!

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The Deafverse team has built a range of resources that can be used alongside game play, including downloadable interactive workbooks, teacher guides, discussion questions, videos, and other activities. These resources apply what players have learned in the game to their own lives. Check out additional resources today!

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