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Learning Objectives

Each World within Deafverse has specific learning objectives. These learning objectives align with transition milestones and can be used in transition planning, including IEP planning and pre-employment transition services.

World 1

World 1: Duel of the Bots focuses on strengthening self-determination skills and preparedness for life after high school. These learning objectives align with the self-advocacy category of pre-employment transition services. 

Players will be able to: 

  • Identify accommodation options for postsecondary environments
  • Evaluate different communication strategies across a range of settings 
  • Align accommodations with personal communication preferences 
  • Understand options for accessibility of emergency alerts 
  • Identify assistive technology options for communication access 
  • Initiate choices based on personal preferences and interests 
  • Apply strategies for advocating for greater access across a range of settings 
  • Evaluate options for responding to social challenges 
  • Apply strategies for working with interpreters in the classroom 
  • Understand the responsibility shift in requesting accommodations from high school to college 

World 2

Look for the debut of World 2 soon, which will focus on navigating the workplace. These planned learning objectives align with the workplace readiness category of pre-employment transition services. Subscribe to Deafverse updates today to be the first to learn more about all of the latest additions to the game! 

Players will be able to:

  • Understand the options for disclosing deafness in the workplace, and requesting reasonable accommodations
  • Demonstrate techniques for maintaining positive behavior and professional attitude
  • Distinguish marketable skills and career management skills that improve success during the job search process
  • Evaluate employment options to make self-guided and informed decisions about desired positions
  • Observe effective skills and strategies for communication and working in teams
  • Apply strategies for resolving conflicts and practicing interpersonal skills
  • Initiate choices that demonstrate good time management skills in preparation for job experiences