How can I advocate for my needs?

Learning objectives: Initiate choices based on personal preferences and interests, and apply strategies for advocating for greater access across a range of settings. 

When you leave high school, things change. You will have to start asking for the accommodations you need in college, the workplace, and anywhere where it could be possible. You can figure that out by looking up the place on the Internet for their accessibility policy and contacting them if you don’t find any policy on their website.

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Some deaf people prefer to use interpreters, while others may prefer speech-to-text services or FM systems. Ask around to learn more about the different accommodation options available where you are. When you figure out your options, you can decide what would work best for yourself there.

Here’s a tip. You may find that one accommodation option works better for a particular situation and a different accommodation works better for another. What your friend prefers may not be the same as what you prefer.

One good way to reduce stress with accommodations is to get more information about your options and how to get them. With this information, you can plan ahead and set up accommodations in advance.

Key Question

Discuss with your friends!

Why may deaf people use accommodations that change, depending on the situation?

Deafverse Tip

You have the right to ask for additional support, or to request changes in your accommodations.

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What are your needs, and how can you advocate for them where you are? Write down anything that comes to mind and go for it if it seems possible!