What technologies should I know about as a deaf person?

Learning objectives: Understand options for accessibility of emergency alerts and identify assistive technology options for communication access.

First of all, emergency alerts are a lifesaving technology and they must also be accessible. It is good practice to check your school and home for fire alarms then make sure they have strobe lights. You can look up your school and town on the Internet and see if they have services that will text you emergency announcements. Sign up for them!

[GIF Description: a resolute Justin asks you to hold on before signing: “I’ll call them!”]

Technology doesn’t only have to be lifesaving, it can be entertaining too. We can watch movies any time with the right equipment – just ask your local movie theater to see if they have accessibility devices or Open Caption showtimes.

We can also use technology to make calls whenever you need to. No need to ask your parents or someone else to make calls for you. That’s what deaf people had to do in the old days, can you imagine that? We have better options now with many websites and apps you could use. You can ask the deaf people in your life for recommendations, or search around on the Internet for “video relay”.

You could even call that cute friend to see if they wanted to go to the movies with you!

Key Question

Discuss with your friends!

If your school is not doing a good job of making you feel safe and aware of what is going on, how would you tell them?

Deafverse Tip

Level up your home by adding your own notification system with flashing light doorbells and vibrating alarm clocks!

Try It in World One: Duel of the Bots

Have you used services like video relay or voice carry over? Think about how you will make your VRS call with Catbot to advocate for visual fire alarms!