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Under Construction Happy holidays! Catbot and the team are hard at work building an exciting new experience for you in 2023! Read on to learn

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Cartoon poster of Starla, with text reading "Congrats! Starla".

The Deafverse Name Sign Contest!

In the entire time that we’d been developing Deafverse, we never came up with a name sign for the game. Instead, we felt that it was a task for the community. To encourage this, we hosted a contest for deaf youth.

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5 Tips for Playing Deafverse at Home.

5 Tips to Play Deafverse at Home!

Life looks so different while we’re in this pandemic. We’re all working together to stay home as much as possible, but that’s not always easy. You might be bored or struggling right now. Whatever the case is for you — Deafverse can be a productive distraction.

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Move-style poster with Deafverse logo at the top. Below, illustrated versions of Deafverse's cast and Catbot read a book, while a large Evil Catbot looms in the background.

Deafverse in the Spotlight!

The Deafverse team is happy to report that Deafverse has more than 5,000 players signed up and learning how to get through challenging situations by advocating for themselves. Deafverse has also been featured in the news multiple times!

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