Should I tell my boss about me being deaf?

Learning objective: Understand the options for disclosing deafness in the workplace, and requesting reasonable accommodations.

During the job search, you might meet employers who don’t think deaf people can do the job. This is a situation that deaf people face everyday. It can be tough to share your deafness while applying for a job because of the doubt and ignorance you may experience. It helps to know your rights.

The law requires employers to provide you with accommodations so you can interview for jobs, and if hired, perform your job duties. Employers cannot discriminate against you based on your disability.

They also cannot ask you for information about your hearing loss or other disabilities. However, they can ask if accommodations will help you do your job.

With accommodations, you can be more productive and do your job well. When it comes to work meetings, phone calls, and conversations with coworkers, you have the right to be on the same page as everyone else.

Make sure your employer understands that you bring valuable skills to the job and that deaf people know how to make it work!

What is an example of communicating with employers about being deaf and requesting accommodations? Let’s watch and find out!

Key Question

Discuss with your friends!

What are some pros and cons of sharing my disabilities with others??

Deafverse Tip

Disclosure can be helpful especially when you can describe how your disability impacts your ability to work and what you will need to excel. Questions to ask yourself while thinking about disclosure are

  • Is my hearing loss noticeable to others who meet me?
  • Do I need accommodations to effectively communicate in an interview or complete tasks of my job?
  • Are there potential risks if I do not disclose my hearing loss and/or other disabilities?
  • Is it a workplace where my disability would be seen as a positive?

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