Why do I need a resume and cover letter?

Learning Objective: Understand the importance of the resume and cover letter in the job search process.

Almost all employers require a resume that lists your professional skills, education, and experiences that match the position you are applying for.

Remember that the job market is always changing. As you gain new skills, training and work experience, your resume should reflect your most recent and relevant experiences and accomplishments.

Marketable skills, or skills that employers find highly desirable should also be included in your resume. Examples of these skills include strong work ethic, critical thinking, and teamwork.

Volunteering and part-time work experience are great hands-on ways to learn new skills. Think about organizations or opportunities in your community that might need a helping hand. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Library
  • Community/Recreation Center
  • Senior Living Center
  • YMCA
  • Deaf Advocacy Organization
  • Hospital or Medical Center
  • School District
  • Animal Shelter
  • Food Bank
  • Deaf Club

What can you include in your resume to increase your chances of getting an interview? Let’s watch and find out!

A cover letter expands on your resume.  It introduces you to the employer and tells a story of:

  • Your personal interest in the job opening
  • How your skills and experience are related to the job description and required qualifications
  • How you align with the company’s missions and values

Key Question

Discuss with your friends!

What are your accomplishments and special talents? How would you share it in a way that would impress employers?

Deafverse Tip

Take the time to update your resume every time you take a new step in your journey. Yes, this includes when you’ve accepted an offer and also when you’ve settled into your new job!

Another important tip for you is to match your cover letters to the jobs that you are aiming for. Relevancy is what employers love to see.

Turning these tips into habits will pay off for you in the long run.

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